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  • Ashley Noddings

Home Insurance

Next to car insurance, this will be the biggest investment for a lot of people, so why not protect it?

Getting the right cover is essential if you want the policy to work for you. Things to consider are:

· the rebuild value as this is what you need to insure for, never the market value as this will fluctuate as the policy & sums insured are index linked.

· Contents cover; this must also include kitchen & bathrooms.

· Securities, are all accessible points protected?

· Is there a safe

· What is the unoccupancy, ie: amount of consecutive days the property will be left


· Use of the property

· Extension of valuable objects or all risk covers for jewellery, collectibles & art work

You can also add accidental damage to buildings & contents, this gives extra covers over and above the standard ones included in the policy.

You can choose from three levels of cover; Basic, Plus & Premium with or without an excess.

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