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Motor Insurance

All vehicles in Spain are required by law to have the minimum insurance at all times, this being just liability (civil liability), regardless of frequency of use. If the police stop and check and the vehicle is not insured this can carry a fine of up to €3,000.

Covers available are fully comprehensive with different excesses, third party, fire & theft or third party only.

In Spain it is the car that is insured for anyone over 25 who has held a full licence for more than two years. This also means that as long as the driver meets this criteria they do not need to be named on the policy.

The following usually come as standard:

· Windscreen & glass cover, no excess for this service

· 24 hour European roadside assistance – this is provided as it is illegal to tow a vehicle

in Spain

· Annual insurance certificate – this was formerly known as the green card

· Legal defense

· Third party liability – damage caused to other parties not just vehicles. All passengers are considered third parties as well, so if an accident occurs and they are injured there is full cover.

All insurances are for 1 year and are automatically renewable, this means that should you not wish to renew you must send a signed letter & copy of ID to the agent requesting the cancellation at least one month before the renewal date irrespective of whether the renewal notice has been sent or not.

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